Don´t wig out!! 

10 Common Misconceptions about wearing wigs 

1. Wigs look fake.

High quality wigs are sewn in a natural scalp pattern. Depending on your personal preference there are mono-top wigs showing hair follicles, partial mono, non-mono for a teased root and lace front to give the illusion of hair growing from your scalp. You can also style wigs however you choose.

Going to a ball game? Throw it in a ponytail.
Formal function? Style a gorgeous up-do.
Casual Friday? Pull it back half-way with a fun clip.

2. Wigs are hot and itchy.

Wigs are strategically sewn to allow for natural air flow. They are lightweight and adjustable for maximum comfort. We all suffer through blistering Las Vegas summers, wearing a wig is as hot as wearing a hat. Is public nudity still frowned upon? 

3. Human hair wigs are better.

Human hair wigs are expensive, must be blown out each time after shampooing and environmentally sensitive to humidity. One advantage of human hair is that you can dye it to obtain any color you desire.

Synthetic wigs are more cost efficient, keep their shape despite climate and bounce back into style after being washed. Synthetic hair cannot be dyed and you must be cautious around excessive heat.

**Want something low maintenance with a longer life? GO SYNTHETIC. 

4. Wigs come in limited colors.

Wigs are made in a large array of colors. You can have one natural shade, blended highlights, dark roots and ombre with long roots. Something unique for everyone!

5. Wigs are bulky.

Not all wigs are bulky, there are thousands of styles and therefore many different thickness levels. Wigs should always be cut and styled to someone’s unique features. You can always remove hair but it is difficult to add hair into a wig. This is why all of our wigs come with a custom cut and style so that you feel like your beautiful natural self. Hello gorgeous!

6. Wigs fall off easily.

When worn correctly wigs do not move, you could take a drive in a convertible and feel safe! Our wigs are designed with straps on the inside allowing for tightening or loosening the diameter. We also carry a comfortable hair grip that you can simply wear underneath your wig to avoid any slippage.

7. Wigs are easily damaged.

Your wig will not be harmed if you wash it regularly, maintain moisture with a leave-in conditioner and brush it everyday. A steam service done every 3-6 months keeps your wig looking brand new. While high heat may cause fibers to frizz, this can be corrected with a steaming service. In essence, take care of your wigs like you take care of your kids: keep them away from fire and provide TLC.



8. Wigs don’t move like natural hair.

Don’t be afraid to hit the dance floor because high quality wigs provide us the natural flow and movement we all desire! Avoid cheaply made wigs that are rigid and sewn without proper scalp alignment.

9. Buying wigs online is just like in store.

CAUTION: Purchasing wigs online may cause you financial loss and disappointment. We’ve heard many horror stories of misrepresentation of color and quality, do not be visually deceived.

10. Wearing wigs diminishes natural hair growth.

There is no evidence that wearing a wig will inhibit the regrowth of your natural hair. After hair loss from chemotherapy many women choose to continue wearing their wig throughout the growing process until their natural hair is long enough to shape and style.


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