The Incredible Women at the Wig Cottage

Geuzane Castro, Owner

 Stylist & Wig and Hair Extensions Specialist

Geuzane purchased the Wig Cottage for the same reason she became a hair stylist as a teenager in Brazil; to help women express their inner beauty and unique style through gorgeous hair. Having spent almost a decade helping women express their individuality through hair extensions and color, Geuzane wished to bring her passion for beautiful hair to those with thinning hair and especially women who are suddenly faced with the adversity of cancer. Geuzane and her stylists at The Wig Cottage believe that women should not be forced to accept an off-the-shelf wig, but should be enabled to continue to express their unique personalities through a wig which The Wig Cottage’s specially trained stylists tailor to each woman’s taste by a unique cut and style.

Vicky Roney


Founder and former owner, Vicky acquired experience working with wigs for over thirty years. Suffering from Alopecia  in her adult-life, she has a deep passion for helping women and cancer survivors deal with the pain of hair loss and thinning hair.

Morgana Krause

Senior Stylist

Having been around the industry her whole life, watching her mother, Morgana began her own career as a stylist in 2012.  Today, she is a master cutter that specializes in hair extensions and, of course, wigs.  Morgana is passionate about helping others feel beautiful and enjoys taking her time to make sure her clients leave the salon not only satisfied but also excited to show off their new look to the world.

To help women express their inner beauty and unique style through gorgeous hair. 

Our Mission


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