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We understand ...

We understand how physically, emotionally and spiritually daunting a cancer diagnosis can be. Please allow us to help you.


It is not easy to lose your hair, but we are proud to provide a comforting place to help you increase your confidence and feel like your beautiful self again with a brand new hair-do.

We provide a host of complimentary services with the purchase of your wig:


  • Personal consultation with Wig Specialist

  • Custom Cut and Style

  • Head shave followed by scalp massage with our natural essential oils

  • In-depth instruction and care tips


Our greatest passion is helping cancer patients and survivors throughout their journey. 

Chemotherapy and hair loss:

What to expect during treatment.

Can hair loss be prevented?


Should I shave my head?

When you begin to lose your hair we recommend getting your head shaved to prevent any matting that can occur on your scalp. This can cause irritation and increased sensitivity. We recommend only buzzing the hair down to a blade size 1.5 to prevent ingrown hairs. 


Will insurance cover the cost of my wig?

Some insurance providers will cover the cost of your wig with a physician’s prescription. Although we do not bill insurance directly, we are fully equipped to provide you with the necessary information to submit a claim for reimbursement. Please contact your insurance provider and ask if they cover a Cranial Hair Prosthesis (the medical term for a wig) for more information.


Do I need an appointment?

You are welcome to our store anytime to look at the wigs; however, if you wish for a custom cut and style, you will need to make an appointment with one of our specialized wig stylists, who will spend time with you to make sure the wig will look and fit perfectly to your style at no extra cost.

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